HomeLab Host

Secure & High Performance Frontend for Your Homelab

Providing a unique gateway to your home servers and projects.
All the challenges of at-home hosting, solved!

HomeLab Host lets you run your servers anywhere!

Have a server at home, but don't have a public IP address? HomeLab Host can provide a frontend to your servers, no matter where they are located. Our service works even if you are behind carrier grade NAT and requires no changes on your router.

Whether you need a dedicated public IP address for your home game server, or you just want to host a single website, our flexible pricing has an affordable option for you.

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  • 1 Proxied Website
  • 1 VPN Backend
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • DDoS Protection
  • Unmetered Bandwidth

For only $2.00/m

Expand Your Lab Affordably

Got a bigger homelab?

  • Additional VPN Backends

Each for only $0.35/m

More sites to host?

  • Additional Proxied Websites

Each for only $0.25/m

Advanced Features

For our power users who need to host more than just websites.

  • Dedicated IPv4 Addresses
  • Each for only $2.00/m

  • Unlimited TCP & UDP Port Forwarding
  • Outbound VPN Tunneling Supported

Note: You need a server elsewhere to take advantage of our services.
Check out our Getting Started Guide to learn more about our platform!

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